Advertising Intelligence: Customizable Settings and Key Metrics in overview

What is it?

Users can customize and display key metrics when viewing the overview stats card. Stats like click-through rate, lost impressions and more can be selected to appear as key metrics so Partners can present information that is relevant to their clients.

Why is this important?

Partners can tell the story that best serves their clients using analytics, be it the return on investment (ROI) on an ad campaign or the overall impact of a social strategy by customizing the types of stats to display inside of Advertising Intelligence. This customization around key metrics is another way to provide proof-of-performance data for online campaigns.   

How does it work?

Under the settings tab in Advertising Intelligence, go into Metrics to see all of the metrics that have been configured. Edit any of these sections to select the most relevant statistics for a client and their campaigns. Adjust the overview metrics to focus on the most important results.

1. Metrics is a separate menu now, based on the connected Ad account the options will be available


2. This is an admin view. Edit the settings from here for that particular account


Metrics available on any page settings can be seen as below once in edit form


Overview page edit settings will look like this:


3. All conversion metrics are also listed here and can be edited to select certain metrics




4. The ROI Calculation average sale is set to $5000 by default unless any admin changes it. The ROI can also be selected or deselected from the metrics settings.ROI Calculation.png

5. Based on the selected metrics for the overview page it will be seen below




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