Why is Foursquare Showing "Submitted to Source"?

Foursquare is a data aggregator within Listing Sync Pro (excluding Yext Listing Sync Pro), meaning we can provide data to Foursquare, but can not directly update any specific location listings or apps that they supply.

As an aggregator, your client's business data will be pushed to Foursquare’s (growing) network, which includes Snapchat, Samsung, X, Uber, Bing, and more.

The "Status" column within the Listings Sync Pro dashboard shows which stage the listing source is in during the syncing process. When the status shows "Submitted to source," our system has taken the Business Profile information and instantaneously submitted it to that directory. With Foursquare as an aggregator, we can only confirm that the data has been accepted, but we cannot confirm when that data is published.

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