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Business App users receive notifications regarding proof of performance, inbox messages, product updates, and more. User notification settings can be adjusted either by Admins in Partner Center or by the users themselves in Business App.

Adjusting User Notification Settings in Partner Center

  1. Go to Businesses > Users or Businesses > Accounts > click on the business.
  2. Next to the user in question, click the three dots or kebab menu. 
  3. Select “Edit Notifications.”
  4. Settings can then be enabled or disabled as necessary. Notification settings are default enabled.

Adjusting User Notification Settings in Business App

  1. Once the user logs in to Business App, they can select “Settings” in the left menu.
  2. Click “Notification Settings.”
  3. The user can then turn specific notification settings on or off.

There are three types of notifications your customers can receive in Business App:
1. Email.
2. In-app: using the bell icon.
3. Banner: a grey banner that appears on all pages in Business App. (Learn how to add a notification banner here.)

Curious about the email notifications your users will receive? Read more here.

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