What is an Account Group ID?

Account Group ID, or AGID is a unique identification code used to identify a business account that you have added to the platform; it is your client's unique ID in the platform. This code is referenced within the software and can be used when searching for accounts in a variety of places. Our support and development teams will sometimes need this code to ensure that they are referring to the correct business account.

Finding the AGID

The AGID can be found under the Business Details section of the account in Partner Center. Navigate to Partner Center > Accounts > Accounts > Client account. You will see a box with the Business Details (name, address, phone number, etc.) In the bottom-right of this box is the AGID.


Using the AGID

Primarily, you would be providing an AGID to Vendasta to help troubleshoot. You can use this when searching for a business on the platform. For example, if you are working with a business that has multiple locations, searching by name can be tricky, but searching by AGID will produce a singular result.


You can use an AGID to search accounts in Partner Center and Sales & Success Center. You can also search by AGID when looking up tasks and projects in Task Manager.

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