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The Business profile page is an important component of a business's digital presence. It allows you and your clients to update all of their relevant business information such as hours, location, and phone number, and keep that information in sync across the platform, and the web.

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How do I access the Business Profile Page?

The Business Profile page is in the top-level navigation menu so it will be visible and easily accessible anytime while using Business App. Once your clients log in to their Business App account, they can access it easily from the navigation bar in “My Business,” as shown below.


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Business Profile stays in sync across products.

The Business Profile is also accessible from other products if they are active on the account, and editing the profile in one place will update it everywhere.

  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management

It’s also connected to the account in Partner Center and Sales & Success Center, and editing it there will keep the business profile up to date.

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