What are Business Fields for Yext?

Partners and their clients can update these new fields for their Business Profile data to be included in the Yext syndication via Listing Sync Pro. These new fields include Brands Carried, SEO Keywords, and Instagram Handle.  

Why are business fields important?

Users can simply update the business details from the Vendasta Platform. These fields provide additional information about the business that helps inform consumers looking for that business and what it offers. For example, having Brands Carried gives the consumer more knowledge about the business to ensure they are selecting the correct place. Please note: business profiles with these fields already filled out will automatically be pushed to Yext. 

How do you update these new fields?

Go to Business App > Settings > Business Profile > Edit Business Profile

In the Location tab you will find the area to update Brands Carried:


In the Social tab, add the URL for Instagram:


Under the Marketing tab, add SEO Keywords under "Search Engine Information":mceclip0.png

Be sure to click "save" on each tab when done making these updates. Once updated, these new fields will begin syncing with Yext and will be reflected across their distribution network.

For information about all the business fields that sync with Yext through Listing Sync Pro, please review this article: What business information does Listing Sync Pro update? 

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