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Email Builder allows you to design engaging emails that look great on any device. The Email Builder inside the Partner Center gives you the ease and speed to build eye-catching personalized and customized emails on the go that will drive user engagement.

Why is Email Builder the Future of Marketing Automation?

  1. Ability to build powerful and engaging emails.

  2. Email Builder in the future will integrate into Automations, which will help you create unique and targeted emails with automated marketing workflows for your contacts.

  3.  Email Builder in the future will power the transactions with its ability to create and save templates. The user can simply pull these templates in automation and drip campaigns and have a choice to edit or just start the workflow as is.

  4. In the future, Email Builder will also support custom fields that will allow more personalized and targeted emails to the contacts.

  5. Many more additions to follow in future iterations.

Use this feature to hide or customize the logo for each email you design in the campaign. The logo can be hidden or changed for each different email inside the drip campaigns. This will allow for more personalized content to go out.

The logo customization block will also allow adding any URLs to which the users can be directed upon clicking on the logo.

Personalize As You Wish

Email Builder gives you multiple blocks that you can just click and add. It gives the ability to personalize and customize each block to make the emails more engaging.

The content of the email can also be easily moved around by just dragging and dropping the block. We believe that speed is a feature and therefore all the changes and additions to the email that is built into Email Builder can be seen in real-time. This eliminates the need to complete the email as it allows you to go back to preview and then continue editing the email.

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Render Email In Different Devices

Not only can you see the changes and every cool thing that you add to personalize your email in real-time, but you can now see in real-time how your email will appear on different devices with the click of a button.

Many Other Exciting Features!

  • Rendering Images or texts side by side: Email Builder powers the capability to render the block of images and texts side by side just with a simple click and selection to build engaging email content.

  • Changing background and text color: You get many options to change the color for the text, title, subtitle, links, footer text, content background, and page background. 

  • Customizable button: Choose the colors, link to a URL, customize button text, and put a dynamic component in a button, and all of this with a simple selection.
  • Tables: You can also add simple tables to arrange any data in the email for making the email more intuitive. 
  • Contact Card: Personalize your email with a personal reference with a personalized image and more details and optional fields to add.

Current Limitations of Email Builder

  1. Emails built in the legacy Email Builder can not be edited in the new Email Builder and vice-versa

  2. Emails that have been started in the legacy builder can not be switched in the middle to continue building in the new Email Builder and vice versa.  

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