Vendasta Payments FAQs

Q: Why is Vendasta payments showing "unsupported in your area" even though business is within supported locations?

A: To fix this: 

Step 1: From  Partner Center, navigate to the Administration > My billing

Step 2: Under the billing contact, ensure that your billing address is filled out! If this is missing, you won't be able to set up Vendasta Payments.


Q: Why is there no option to setup Vendasta Payments?

A: Due to fraudulent transactions, as of March 9th, 2022, Vendasta Payments will not be available to

  • New Channel Partners who sign up on the Free or Trial subscription tiers
  • Current non-users of Vendasta Payments on the Free or Trial subscription tiers

Partners on the Free and Trial tiers who currently use Vendasta Payments will still have access to it. This change will only affect new Partners and non-users of Vendasta Payments on the Free and Trial tiers.

Why are we doing this?

We have experienced an increase in fraudulent transactions. These fraudulent transactions cause unnecessary risk for our Partners and Vendasta. To reduce this risk, we have decided to adjust the availability of this feature. Users without access will see an upgrade page where Vendasta Payments would normally be found.


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