Inbox in Business App: Frequently Asked Questions

Inbox Platform Messaging

Q: Will my clients or I be charged for using Inbox In-platform chat?

Platform messaging is free! There are no costs for using Inbox in Partner Center to chat with your clients or your clients communicating with you through the in-platform chat.


Q: Are there limits to the number of In-platform messages I can send to my clients via Inbox?

There are no limitations on the number of messages that can be sent and received through Inbox communication between partners, vendors, and accounts.


Q: Inbox Pro: How is a business assigned an SMS number?

When activating Inbox Pro, the business will be automatically assigned an SMS number. First, the app will attempt to get a local number based on the business profile address. If no local numbers are available, a number from a neighboring area in your country will be assigned.


Q: How can my clients send and receive SMS messages in Inbox in Business App? 

SMS Message is now available in a paid Marketplace product that can be activated for an account, called Inbox Pro. View the product here, and start selling it today.


Q: How do I enable Inbox messaging in my client's Business App account?

To enable cross-platform messaging between you and your clients, enable Inbox for your clients by going to the Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App > Inbox Messages > and checking "show this page." 



Q: What happens if an account has Inbox disabled and I want to send them an in-platform chat?

Partner Center users cannot send messages to clients if Inbox is not enabled in their clients/Business App users' profiles. To enable Inbox for your clients, you can check out this article. To see more Business App Configurations, you can check out this article. 


Q: Does Inbox SMS use up Customer Voice Pro or Reputation Management Premium SMS add-on credits?

No. Those credits are seperate.


Q: Can I block spam messages from Business App Inbox?

Not at this time. Spammers can send messages to any number, and unfortunately spam messages have been sent to users of Inbox Pro. If your client is experiencing an unusually high amount of spam to a number, contact support and we can assign a new number.

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