Advertising Intelligence: YouTube Reporting

YouTube advertising reporting metrics are visible in Advertising Intelligence when you have a Google Ads account connected. See how much you are paying for each full view of your video, and see where viewers may be dropping off.

What’s the Benefit?

Video advertising is perfect for reaching your target audience in an engaging and memorable way. With YouTube Ads reporting, you can see which videos are being watched, and for how long. Determine which videos are successful or where viewers may be dropping off to create new and engaging content. With YouTube metrics now visible in Advertising Intelligence, these insights are available alongside the rest of your PPC reporting.

How does it work?

If the customer has Advertising Intelligence alone (without the Advanced Reporting add-on), they will be able to see their YouTube campaign in the Overview tab of the product dashboard. They will be able to see Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Client CPC, Client Spend, Conversions, and ROI.


If the customer does have the Advanced Reporting add-on, they will be able to see more data. Within Advertising Intelligence, click into any campaign and navigate to the YouTube tab. This is where your video metrics will be displayed if there are any to show. Note that you must have your Google Ads account connected for this to work. 


In the YouTube tab, you can view the number of views, clicks, impressions, client spend, client cost-per-view, and the video view rates at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% for each individual video.


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