Productivity Report

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Tracking how your teams are doing overall can be a nightmare. The Productivity Report summarizes and helps Managers understand how their staff is performing. Managers can view a summary of each individual employee's number of tasks, their statuses, and more.

Why is the productivity report important?

It provides superior insights into how your staff is doing, and should also make it easier to address problem areas and see which fulfillment agents excel.

The Productivity Report will help you track a few key stats:

  • How close to their due dates is your team completing tasks
  • How overdue tasks are before they are resolved.
  • Number of completed tasks
  • The number of tasks that were due during a set period of time.
  • Number of overdue tasks

Anticipate if you have an inordinate amount of work on any one day. If so, you may wish to alter due dates and timelines to enable a more even spread of work throughout the week, preventing your team from dreading any one day.

Easily see how many tasks are overdue vs. the tasks completed the previous day. If you're finding overdue tasks are a frequent occurrence and are comparable to the number of completed tasks, you can use the dashboard to better determine if resources are allocated appropriately.

Managers often need to report to stakeholders, such as C-level employees. The dashboard can provide a quick resource to grab important stats to help with communication.


NOTE: Only Partner Center Administrators and Managers will have access to these new features.

How do I access the Productivity Report?

The Status Report can be accessed from Partner Center > Fulfillment > Productivity Report. You can filter by tasks or products, by assignee, and by group.




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