The Multi-Location Executive Report


The Multi-Location Executive Report is a powerful roll-up of metrics across any number of business locations. With a custom date selector and filtering, it’s easy to slice the data to see trends in marketing performance across a Multi-Location Group.

Available in Multi-Location Business App and fully white-labeled, this report allows for powerful needs analysis and proof-of-performance reporting.

Use it to prospect

Multi-Location Executive Report shows the marketing data that’s been collected for all your business accounts. This means that you can run Snapshot Reports for a group of locations, and then view that data inside Multi-Location Business App to help users see opportunities for improvement. 

Use it for proof-of-performance reporting

Trend lines and delta-change numbers are a key feature of Executive Reporting, allowing you to show short or large-scale change across many accounts, and prove the impact your work has been having.

Key Features

  • Fast data – Slice-and-dice large data sets quickly.
  • Short-term changes and long-term trends – Compare metrics period-over-period with a custom date selection.
  • White-labeled – The report is your own, complete with your logo and branding.
  • Filtering – Filter by geography, business category, region, groups of locations, or listing/review sources.

What data is currently available?

Currently, the report includes the following:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Google Analytics
  • Reputation
    • Top Review Sources
    • Recent Reviews
    • Review Rating
    • Review Volume
    • Average Time to Response
  • Listings data
  • Social media (powered by Social Marketing)
  • Afterward, we'll expand it to include more Marketplace products and third-party metric sources.

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