Enhanced Search in Task Manager

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Task Manager users can now find tasks and projects by searching any keywords or phrases associated with the item.

Previously, projects and the tasks within them could only be found by searching for their names. Without this information, users would sometimes need to scroll through hundreds of items to find the one they were seeking. This wasted valuable time that would have been better spent fulfilling the tasks than looking for them.

Which parameters can I search in Task Manager?

With the enhanced search, users can type any - or any portion of - the following parameters to yield matching results:

  • Name
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Order ID
  • Tags

How does search in Task Manager work?

  1. Go to Task Manager > Projects or Task Manager > Tasks.
  2. Set filters as desired.
  3. Type one of the parameters identified above into the search field. Use "" to search only for exact matches.
  4. Using search will reset sorting settings. You can adjust these as needed once your search results are displayed.
  5. To conduct another search, clear the text in the search box and start again at Step 2.


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