Website Pro Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications for Website Pro

  • Unlimited Page Views: Website Pro doesn’t penalize high-performing websites, therefore the product allows for unlimited visitors to your websites.
  • Unmetered SSD Storage: ZFS file server running on Google Infrastructure. 
  • Unmetered Database Storage: Hosted on Google’s CloudSQL fully managed service with databases isolated for each site. 
  • Unmetered Server Bandwidth: Website Pro is equipped to handle sites of all shapes and sizes. With unmetered capacity, we cover 99.9% of a typical small business's storage/bandwidth needs.
  • Unlimited Free Migrations: Import your existing sites with any migration plugin or let us import it for you.
  • Automatic Daily Backups: Most hosting providers make you pay for monthly backups. With Website Pro, your website is backed up every day so you’re able to restore it anytime with one click.
  • Google-Fast Speed: With Website Pro, you can expect world-class speed as the product leverages Google and other infrastructure, including:
  • HTTP/2 support
  • PHP 7 ― the most recent version of PHP and PHP packages
  • NGINX ― It’s designed to be faster and more scalable than, the traditionally used, Apache.
  • Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt: With other hosting providers, you’re paying extra to protect your websites each month with SSL certificates. Website Pro offers free SSL for all websites hosted.
  • Docker Containers: Website Pro hosts your websites in Docker Containers built with the most recent version of Alpine Linux and system tools ― together, this makes one awesome container that is hyper-secure, simple, and efficient.
  • Kubernetes -- manages, deploys and scales the Docker Containers.
  • Google Container Engine ― manages Kubernetes to keep the servers secure and automatically scales, repairs, and upgrades the server.
  • Strong Firewall: Only open the exact ports we need, only allow HTTPS traffic to our sites, Google blocks bot-net IP addresses.
  • Free Subdomain: A free URL to show your customer's live progress of their site.
  • phpMyAdmin Access: Advanced user capabilities to easily manage your database without depending on WordPress. Free for all websites hosted within Website Pro. This feature can be hidden from your customers to protect the site.
  • SFTP Access: Manage your website file system within Website Pro. This feature can also be hidden from your customers to protect the site.
  • Automatic Core Updates: Website Pro handles all minor WordPress core updates for you.
  • Backup Tools: Website Pro highlights all changes since your last backup, making it easier than ever to identify what was updated, added, or removed.

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