Sales & Success Center: "Talk to a Vendasta expert" Contact Card

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Links to contact a Vendasta expert are available inside Sales & Success Center for your sales team to have quick access to find help with any sales-related questions that they might have. Just like how you can talk to your Vendasta expert from the Partner Center, you have the option to allow your salespeople to do the same in the Sales & Success Center. They can either book a meeting or contact them directly by clicking on this option in the bottom left corner of the Sales & Success Center. 

White-labeling implications: This will be on by default, so if you'd rather not give your sales team access to Vendasta sales experts, please see below for how to turn it off.

The main goal of this feature is to make getting expert sales advice into the hands of your sales team as easy as possible.

How do I turn this on or off?

In case you want to white-label or hide this option in Sales & Success Center, you can easily turn this off by checking the box in Partner Center under Administration > Customize > Sales > Partner defaults> White-label Sales & Success Center (check the box beside it). Don't forget to click on the 'Apply Changes' button to save this before exiting. 

Please note this settings box also toggles the Vendasta Academy and Community links to turn on or off.

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