Task Organization with Tags

Managing tasks and projects can be an uphill battle. Distinct names can help, but when you're dealing with hundreds or thousands of tasks, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Sure, you can filter based on certain criteria, but what if you wanted to see all tasks related to a specific subject like video games? Or birthday parties? Or dinosaur facts?

The tag functionality for Task Manager solves these problems; you can tag your projects and tasks to make organization easier.

How does task organization with tags work?

The workflow for adding tags to tasks and projects is similar, though there are a few differences.

When you begin typing the name of a tag, any previously used tags beginning with the same characters will show as suggestions.

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Separate tags with a comma or by pressing the enter key on your keyboard.


Add tags when creating tasks

When creating a task, enter the tags you'd like to use in Task tags.



Add tags to existing tasks

After opening a task, click Add tag, enter your tags, then click Done.


Add tags when creating projects

When creating a project, enter the tags you'd like to use in Project tags.

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Add tags to existing projects

When editing a project, click Add tag, enter your tags, then click Done.


Add tags to templates

Adding tags to new and existing templates is done by filling in the Template tags field.


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