How to turn off the "Inbox Messages" tab in Business App

The Inbox Messages tab in the Business App can be turned off from appearing to your clients in Business App - either on a user by user basis, or for all of your accounts within a market.

WARNING: Removing user access to Inbox will also remove your users ability to use Inbox Pro, Lead capture or SMS messaging features - and is not recommended.

To disable Inbox for a specific subset of users:
  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Users
  2. Click on the checkboxes to select the user(s) you want to modify their feature access > click on 'Bulk Update x users'


  3. Under the 'Tab Access' settings > click the drop-down arrow next to ''Inbox Messages'' and select ''Turn Off," then Apply Changes to Users.


To turn Inbox off for all users within a market, the Customize Business App area in Partner Center:

1. Navigate to Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Business App > Customize Business App > Inbox

2. Uncheck "show this page" and click save, to completely remove Inbox features from all clients within a market.




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