What billing types are available to Partners?

There are two billing strategies available to Vendasta Partners. By default, all new Partners will follow the Instant billing strategy. Legacy Partners and large Enterprises often elect for the Post-pay (or invoicing) billing strategy.

Partners will only be considered for post-pay if they meet a series of requirements.

Instant Billed Partners: 

All new activations and renewals are “Prepaid” by the entered credit card. Successful payment at the time of activation (or renewal) covers the product or service period until the next renewal date (whether it be monthly, or annually).

Invoiced Partners:

All activations and renewals for the period are reconciled into a monthly invoice. Invoices are typically sent in the first few days following the closed month. Most post-pay Partners have NET10 payment terms, meaning they have 10 days from when the invoice was issued to make payment for services rendered in the previous month. Invoiced partners may pay by credit card, ACH transfer, or mailed cheque.


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