Why can't I log in to Partner Center?

So you can't access Partner Center? Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies and refreshing the page? Have you updated Chrome and restarted your computer? Are you certain you have the correct admin email address?

If you answered yes to all of the above, one possibility is you may have an Ad Blocker extension on your Google Chrome that is preventing your access to our Platform.

How to check and how to turn it off:

1. Click the menu icon (three dots) at the top-right corner of the browser

2. Choose More Tools > Extensions.Screenshot_1.png

3. Turn off the toggle next to 'Enabled' corresponding to your ad-blocking extension.

4. Refresh the web page

You also may have the wrong admin permissions. Please contact the main admin on the account who has access to Administration > My Teams and click the three dots next to the user:


Select "Edit Member". Then, select Admin. The user MUST be an Admin to access Partner Center. If they can only see certain parts of Partner Center, click "Show more permissions"




  • You may also have a VPN enabled on your computer. Try switching to a mobile network and logging in. If that works, try disabling the VPN on your computer.
  • If you see an "Invalid Credentials" error message after entering your email ID and Password, and the issue persists even after resetting your password, this would probably be the Remember me box. Due to the caching, sometimes the system pulls in the older password to the password field causing the issue. To fix this issue, all you would need to do is uncheck the Remember me box:mceclip0.png


If you still encounter issues logging in to Partner Center or viewing all of Partner Center, please reach out to Support-on-Demand with your HAR file.

How to get my HAR file?


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