When a listing is marked as 'claimed', it indicates that someone (either the business owner or a service provider) has control over that listing, and as such Listing Sync Pro cannot access that listing to make any updates.

Claimed listings are listings that have been verified by the 'owner' of a business either through a paid relationship with that listing site directly, or through a 3rd party syncing service. If you claim your business listing(s), you can ensure your business information - address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. leading to your business location are accurate.

The verifier alone is authorized to maintain its presence on the web.

Please note: Our Listing Sync Pro service cannot manage listings that are already claimed. If you'd rather manage all your claimed listings through Vendasta, the client/business owner would be required to contact the listing site or service provider directly asking them to 'release' those listings. Once this is done, Listing Sync Pro can take over managing those listings, and the syncing process will begin.


Here is a sample template your clients can use to reach out to the listing sources directly: 

"As I am managing my business online listings through a technical service provider, I kindly ask you to release the listing -(insert link here)- or completely delete it, so that my business data can be automatically submitted and updated onto your directory. Please inform me as soon as the optimization of my online presence can be resumed. Kind regards, YOUR NAME".



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