How to create a Pop-Up on your WordPress Website

Popups allow you to grow your mailing list, build relationships with your audience via email, and speed up the buyer's journey. Though the primary purpose of pop-ups is to generate leads, you can promote your e-book, guide, or case study relevant to the page the visitor is on.

Step 1: Log in to WordPress Dashboard and install the plugin called DIVI popup.

Step 2: After installing and activating the plugin, enable the Visual Builder by visiting the website. (Make sure you are logged in to WordPress Dashboard to enable the option).

Step 3: To create a pop-up, we would need to first create a button, so when the user clicks on that button the pop-up will show up.

Step 4: Add a section and select the 'Button' option from the module.

Step 5: After creating a button, you would need to add a Button link.

  • Always add the button link as # plus button name (e.g. #Hello).

Step 6: Now add a new section by selecting either Text, Image, etc. (whatever you would like to display when the button is clicked).

Step 7: Select that section and enable the option This is a POPUP. And enter the POPUP ID. Click on save ( Ctrl + S)

Popup is enabled when you click on the button.

Please note: Make sure you use the lowercase alphabet when adding the pop-up ID.


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