Inbox: Customer Voice Review Request Links

Users of the Business App Inbox can easily access their review request links from Customer Voice when composing messages.


Why is it important?

With Customer Voice now available in Inbox Messages, local businesses have the flexibility to send a review request from their Inbox to their customers to help boost the business’s online reputation.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Business App > Click Inbox Messages > Open an existing conversation or create a new message.
  2. Click on the review icon displayed below the message composer, and a list of available review request links will appear.
  3. Select the preferred review link you want to insert in the message composer

Things to Note

  • Customer Voice Pro will provide all review links available.
  • If no review links are available, you’ll see an error message: “No review links found. However, you can configure links in Customer Voice."
    • If the Customer Voice product has been white-labeled, the custom name and icon will be used.


Who has access to it?

This feature is available to active accounts with Customer Voice Standard or Pro and at least one review link configured in Customer Voice.

Examples of review links are:

  1. The user account has a Snapshot Report.
  2. User logs in to Local SEO.
  3. User has access to Reputation Management Standard or Pro enabled.


Q: Does this feature use the changed (white-label) product icon and name that has been set for Customer Voice?

A: Yes. If the Customer Voice product icon and or name have been customized, this feature will show correctly.

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