What does the status "submitted to source" mean?

The "Status" column shows which stage the listing source is in during the syncing process. If the status shows "Submitted to source," our system has taken the Business Profile information and instantaneously submitted it to that listing directory. 

Since each listing source has its own independent timeline for publishing data, we can only confirm that the data has been accepted by the listing source—the listing source will determine when that data is published. 

All listing directories have different updating cycles. Please allow the directories 24-72 hours to process the update before attempting to troubleshoot the listing. GPS directories (Audi, BMW, etc.) can take up to 30 days. Bing and Apple Maps can take longer as they are aggregators and pull data from other sources in addition to the data we send to the directory. Voice sources (I.e. Amazon Alexa, Siri) are also submission based, and may take longer to update on the live source. 


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