What does the "Accuracy Report" column mean?

The "Accuracy Report" column showcases our independent reporting system. When a listing source is added, our system pushes the Business Profile data to that listing directory. The listing directory then communicates back to our systems, letting us know that the data was accepted, rejected, or published. The “Accuracy Report” column reports that data. 

Once our system independently verifies whether your Business Profile data was updated on the listing source, you will see an "Accurate," "In progress," "Not found," or “Not available” status. An "Accurate" status ensures there is a 100% match between the Business Profile data and the listing source. An "In progress" status shows that the listing data is being updated on the internet. For this reason, you may see a source stay in that "In progress" state for quite some time. When the column displays "Not found," this means there was no good listing match found by our system. 

When Listings Sync Pro is activated, you should see a refreshed listing with up-to-date information. Should the listing need updating, simply hit the “Refresh listing” button to update.



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