Why Social Accounts Disconnect

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To keep your social account secure, a social network might disconnect the account from Social Marketing when it identifies certain activities such as:

  1. Any changes to your account settings such as a password or username change.
  2. The user who connected the social account lost their admin access to the page.

Social networks may also periodically deactivate access tokens in order to keep your account secure.

Facebook and Instagram connection tokens are known to expire within 60 days (you may, however, observe varying timelines).

LinkedIn access token requires reconnecting exactly every 60 days.  Learn more

X, however, doesn't require frequent reconnections due to security policies. Hence, X access tokens do not have a specific lifespan or expiry date.

Google Business Profile connections should not expire, however, if an admin changes their password, the token may expire for any pages that the admin manages, and reconnection may be required. 

When disconnection occurs, you will be notified via an in-platform banner which will be visible upon launching the Social Marketing app. You will then be required to reconnect your social account(s) to continue posting to your various social pages. 

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