Configure Standard Products Upgrade Paths to Custom Packages

We’ve made it possible for Partners to configure their own upgrade path from a Standard product to virtually any product or package they want. This enables Partners to sell their own products and services to their most engaged customers. 

How does it work?

Partner Workflow 

Below are the steps you would follow when selecting a custom package to be the upgrade option. These steps use Reputation Management Standard as an example. 

Before configuring the upgrade workflow, you must have a package created and published to your Store. Follow these steps to add products to a package and publish them to your Store.

Best practices to follow in creating your custom package:

  • Include the Pro edition of the product in the package (i.e. Reputation Management Pro) 
  • Include complementary products from the Marketplace 
  • Include custom products/fulfillment services you’ve created
    1. With a package created and added to your Store, go to Marketplace > Products > Reputation Management
    2. If you have Markets: select the Market dropdown menu > select the Market that you want this custom upgrade path to be available for
    3. Click the tab Product info
    4. Under Upgrade Path, select the option Upgrade to a custom package
    5. Search for your custom package in the field ‘Choose package’ and select the package you created. (Note: Partners can select up to 30 custom packages)
    6. If more than one package is selected, Partner can choose which price they would like to display from the Display price dropdown menu (Note: you may also check the box Hide price to hide the price from the modal)
    7. Click Custom modal content to customize the Title, Content, and Call-to-action button > and upload a custom image that will appear in the upgrade modal > Save 

Client Workflow

Below are the steps your SMB client would follow when choosing to upgrade their Standard product. These steps use Reputation Management Standard as an example.

  1. From Business App > Reputation Management Standard
  2. Click Get Pro in the top left or click on any of the Pro tabs in the product (indicated by the Pro badge)
  3. If one custom package is available: Click Upgrade to Pro to be taken to the order form > complete the order form > Click Agree to purchase 

OR: If more than one custom package is available: Click Upgrade to Pro to be taken to the Store, filtered to show the available upgrades for the product > Select desired product >  Get it now > Complete the order form > Click Agree to purchase.


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