Fulfillment Integration

With Vendor-Task Integration and system-generated tasks, fulfillment teams can integrate tasks and projects for end clients while providing channel partners, with the capability to track and manage the work generated and associated with the products or services sold in your store. 

How does it work?

Task generation settings, when turned on, automatically generate tasks within Task Manager. 
These can be accessed on the account level by clicking on account settings and clicking on task generation. These settings can also be turned on based on a specific product or service sold within Vendor Center.




To begin:

Visit Task Manager > Settings > Task generation



For products within Vendor Centre
i. Vendor Centre > Integrations > Fulfillment integrations > system generated tasks
ii. Select applicable integration i.e., reviews, mentions, and listings. 




Additional notes

Fulfillment integration is:

  • Activated from the purchase of an SKU
  • Generated for internal and external teams
  • Integrated with Reviews, listings, mentions, and Google Q&A

Walkthrough Videos

In Task Manager

In Vendor Center

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