What are Custom products?

Just like the products you’ll find in the Vendasta Marketplace, the products you create can be sold in your store on their own, packaged and sold together with other products and services, activated for your customers, and billed for using Vendasta Payments.

Here are some quick explanations of products and their features to help you get started.


A product is a representation of something you sell through the Vendasta platform. Products can be used to represent a digital product, a service you provide, a physical product that you offer—anything you’d like to sell to your customers.

Speaking of selling, when you create a product, you have complete control over everything you need to start selling it to your customers: its name, price, marketing material, order form, and much more are all fully customizable. 

Naturally, some of the things you sell will be more complicated than others. That’s why you can customize how you price, deliver, and fulfill what you sell using product editions and add-ons.  


Editions are versions of your product that represent different levels of service, functionality, or pricing options that you might offer. Customers can choose an edition of your product to buy and later upgrade or downgrade to a different edition when their needs change. 

Editions of a product share marketing material and add-ons, but each edition can have its own price settings.


When you create a product, you may want to create one or many add-ons to sell alongside it. Add-ons are used to support purchasing optional features or services related to your product. 

For example, imagine you offer a website-building service to your customers. An add-on to this service could be created to represent supplementary services you offer as part of building that website: adding an additional page on the website, adding e-commerce functionality to the website you build, 24-hour support for technical issues, and so on.

Use add-ons to add value and flexibility to the products that you offer your customers. An add-on can’t be purchased by a customer who hasn’t purchased the add-on’s parent product, so ensure that the add-ons you create will add value to the product they belong to.

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