Order Statuses

There are a number of statuses that can be applied to orders. We recommend familiarizing yourself and your team with these statuses so that you can assist your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What it means



The order has been created but not submitted

You can find your drafted orders in Partner Center > Sales > Orders and filtering to include the drafted status

Awaiting customer approval

The order was sent to the customer to approve or decline

You can send an order for customer approval from the Sales & Success Center


The order has been submitted to an admin to approve or decline

You can review all pending orders in Partner Center > Sales > Orders.

We recommend reviewing these as soon as possible to prevent delays in delivering to your customers. You can also add an expiry date to this order offer.


The order was approved by the customer or admin



The products in the order are being activated

This status generally only appears for a few moments

Scheduled activation

The order was approved, and it is set to activate the associated products at a set time

You may wish to schedule activation for a later date if your customer is only to have access to a product as of a set date.


All products in the order were activated

Your customer can access these products via Business App.

Activation errors

Some products weren't able to be activated

You can see why some products couldn't be activated by going to Partner Center > Sales > Orders and clicking on the order.


You'll also see activation errors in the Products section of the account details. These can be accessed via Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Account name.


The customer or admin has declined the order

The customer or admin will be prompted to provide a reason for why the order was declined. It is recommended the salesperson reach out to the respective party to ensure the order can be approved if resubmitted.


The order is no longer being acted on and is strictly kept for historical purposes

These orders are only visible by filtering them. Archiving an order is useful for keeping your order table focused on the orders that need your attention.

Cancellation request

The customer has requested their order be canceled

You may wish to reach out to the customer to ensure the cancellation was intentional.


The order has been canceled



A salesperson has sent a previously rejected order for approval again

Once a salesperson has addressed the reason given for why the order was declined, they can resubmit the order.

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