Create a package of products

Before you begin

To get the most out of the packages you sell, including adding the package to an invoice and allowing customers to purchase your package through the Shopping cart in your store, we recommend completing the following preliminary steps:

  • Ensure that you’ve chosen a currency for your store (per Market, if applicable) in Marketplace > Manage Store

  • Set a retail price for each product you sell (per Market, if applicable) under the Product Info tab in Marketplace > Products

Create a new package

On the Marketplace > Packages tab, select the Create Package button. If you use Markets, you can select which market to create a package in from the Packages table first.

Package name

This is the name that the package will have in your Store. If your package only contains one product, it will automatically use the name of that product. 

Add items to a package

Click + Add item to add an item to your package. Rearrange items by dragging them, or remove items from the package by clicking the X icon.

Purchase behavior

A package’s purchase behavior changes the action of the Buy button in your Store. 

  • Select Add to Shopping Cart to add the package to a customer’s Shopping Cart when they click Buy

  • Select Contact Sales to launch a contact form when customers click Buy 

  • Select External URL to redirect your customer to a Specific URL when they click Buy

Review total retail price and wholesale cost

Your package’s total Retail Price, Profit, and Wholesale Cost are shown on the right side of the screen. 

The package’s Retail Price is the price that customers will see when viewing the package on your Public Store or under the Store tab in Business App. This total will update automatically as you add or remove items from the package until you edit it.

The package’s Wholesale cost is the total cost you pay when you activate all of the products in the package. 

The package’s Profit is the difference between the retail price you set and the wholesale cost you pay to activate the items in the package.

Select Show as Starting At price to indicate that the retail price of the package may change based on certain factors, or select Show Contact Sales instead of price to hide the total price of the package. We recommend using either of these settings with the Purchase behavior set to the Contact Form option because these settings make a package incompatible with the Shopping Cart. 

Edit marketing information

Customers see your package’s marketing material when they view the package on your Public Store or under the Store tab in Business App. Click on any of the following fields to begin editing:

  • Package icon

  • Banner image

  • Tagline

  • Description

Click Save under the field you’re editing to save your changes.

Depending on how you want to market a package, you can choose to show or hide the names and details of the products in your package using the Show product icons and names and Show product details options.

When the Show product icons and names setting is off, invoices created for or including the package will not show the products contained in the package as line items—only the package name and the total price of the package will be displayed.

Publish a package

Once you’ve finished editing your package, click Publish to make the package visible to customers in your Public Store and under the Store tab in Business App.

To save a draft of your package to keep working on later, click Save Draft. Draft packages can be viewed in Marketplace > Packages using the Draft filter. Draft packages are not visible to customers when they view your Store.

Edit a package

Published and draft packages can be viewed and edited at any time from Marketplace > Packages

Archive a package

If you don’t want your customers to see a package in your Store anymore, you can archive it by clicking the ⋮ (Options) menu on a package under Marketplace > Packages and selecting Archive.

Archived packages can be viewed in Marketplace > Packages using the Archived filter. You can unarchive a package by clicking the ⋮ (Options) menu on a package under Marketplace > Packages and selecting Restore.

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