Share a Link to a Package

Partner Center users have three easy methods to share a link to a package in their store with customers or prospects:

Why is sharing a link to a package important?

When you share a package directly with a customer, they will have a direct reference point to learn more about what you're selling without having to look for it. Customers can view and purchase a package without having to sign in to Business App, or they can purchase it from the store directly within Business App. 

The Direct link to package feature is a link to a specific package. Customers following this link will need to sign in to Business App before they can view or purchase the package.

The Buy it Now link allows you to choose a specific user to send the link to. When following the link, the user you’ve chosen will be able to view and purchase the package without having to sign in to Business App.

Note that both of these methods require the package to be published, with its Purchase behavior option to be set as Add to Shopping Cart.

How to share a link to a package:

Buy it Now link


A Buy it Now link is created for a specific account and user, allowing that customer or prospect to view and purchase a package without having to sign in to Business App beforehand. You can use this link to enable your customer or prospect to quickly find and purchase a package, even if they’ve never signed into Business App before.

Before creating a Buy it Now link, make sure that the user you want to send the link to already exists. When viewing an account under Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts, you can easily add an existing user to an account or create one under the Users section. 


To create a link, go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Packages, and click the (Options) menu on any published package with the Add to Shopping Cart option enabled. Select Create Buy it Now link, and choose the Account and User that you would like to send the link. Copy the link that you’ve created, and send it to the user you’ve chosen via an email, text, or chat message. 

Following your link will allow the user you chose to view and purchase the package without having to sign in to Business App. If they have never signed in to Business App before, they will be prompted to set their password after completing their purchase.

Direct link to package


A Direct link to a package allows a customer or prospect to add an item to their Shopping Cart and purchase (or submit an order for) any package in your Store. Use this link to easily direct prospects or customers to any package from a link or button on your website, an email conversation, a text message, or anywhere you can share a link.

When viewing or editing a package from Partner Center > Marketplace > Packages, all published packages with the Add to Shopping Cart option on the Purchase behavior setting will have a Direct link to the package. This shortened URL can be copied by clicking the Copy link button. Following this URL will automatically add the package to a customer’s Shopping Cart and direct them to the Cart Contents page, where they can review the package and begin checkout.

For customers who are already signed in to Business App, the link will take them directly to their Cart Contents page. Customers who are not signed in or who do not already have an account will land on a page where they can sign in or quickly create an account before reviewing their Cart Contents page.


Link to a Package in an Email marketing Campaign

To share a direct link to a package in an email campaign:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Marketing and create an email campaign or edit an existing campaign.
  2. While editing an email in your campaign, click Insert Dynamic Component and select Direct Store Link > Buy it Now Link.
  3. Select a Market (if applicable) and the package you would like to link to in your email.
  4. Continue to edit your email content or click Preview at the bottom of the page to see how your email will look.
  5. Once everything looks good, click Publish to make your campaign available to your salespeople in the Sales & Success Center.

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