Auto-create projects when products are activated

You can set projects to automatically create when specific products are activated on accounts:

  1. Go to Task Manager > Templates
  2. Click Add New Template
  3. Click Create new template
    • Alternatively, you can use a pre-made template as a base by choosing Select from the library
  4. Enter the Template Name.
  5. Optional – Fill in the following optional fields:
    • Assignee
    • How many days the project is due after it is created.
    • Recurrence
  6. Click the Product field and select the product you wish to trigger this project's creation.
  7. Add the tasks you wish to create for projects created with this template. Learn more about templates.
  8. Click Create Template.

When a product is activated on an account in Task Manager, it will automatically create a project on that account based on the template you created.

Please note that if you activated a product within the last 24 hours on an account, the project will be created on that account as well. 

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