How long does a Snapshot Report take to be ready and when is best to present it?

We recommend that you wait for a minimum of 24 hours before viewing the Snapshot Report. The reason behind this is that we scan the internet for a business's information, reporting how it stack up in various online directories. 

To find the digital presence of a prospect, we crawl online listing sources for their business. We then match the information we find with what is entered into our platform (along with any potential variations) to identify which citations belong to that prospect. 

This process can take up to 24 hours because we conduct all these searches at the same to ensure those listing sources don't identify us as malicious software and block our access. This primarily impacts the listing and review section.

The report will continue to look for data from the many available sources for up to 7 days.

The most accurate time to present would be at the 7-day mark. 

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