How do I get my network (HAR) file?

There may be instances where you are not able to access areas of the platform while others are able to. In some cases, this can be linked to your Network settings blocking specific domains through which we load some of our resources that you are accessing.

In order for our Technical Support  Team to better troubleshoot these types of issues, we may require your Network (HAR) File to identify these errors or the root cause of the problem. The following instructions will allow you to get your Network HAR File.

1. Go to the Login page on Business/Partner/Sales & Success Center (or any area of the platform that you are having issues in) > Right-click on the page and select “Inspect” from the selection panel that pops up 

2. In the console that pops up select the “Network” tab > Select Preserve Log > Complete the same action you were attempting to> You should see a bunch of information populate in the window that pops up 

3. With the network panel open, Refresh the page and attempt the action again (if there is an action) 

4. Right-click on any of the lines/info > Select "Save all as HAR File with content" > Save it to your documents or area on your PC you wish to access it from.

5. You can then email the file to the Support On Demand team upon request for us to diagnose. The HAR file may be over 35mb's, if so we recommend file sharing with Google Drive. 

Network HAR File Console.


Walkthrough Video


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