How to add new Facebook pages to your Managed Pages

When connecting a new Facebook page to which you have been granted Admin access you may notice that the page does not show up in the list of pages you manage. This is due to changes Facebook made where it is required that a new page gets authorized before you are able to post to it. 

The steps below will assist you in having the newly added pages surface so you can connect them to the platform. This requires disconnecting and reconnecting the Social Reputation integration to have the page show in your list of managed pages.


1. Log into Facebook (the account through which the pages are managed) by going directly to
2. Select Business Integrations on the left
3. Check the box for the Social Reputation App
4. Remove the App (this will break the token)
5. Go back to Social Marketing in our platform and proceed to connect any account. This will automatically re-authenticate the App for all accounts managed by that profile and will also show you the new account you are trying to connect.

Please be aware that these steps would disconnect all Facebook accounts temporarily and all connections will be reinstated once one account is connected back to Social Marketing, as explained in step 5.


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