Partner Center Overview


Partner Center is your gateway to Vendasta's powerful platform.

In Partner Center, you can...

  • Manage accounts
  • Manage users
  • Start selling and activate products
  • Set up your store
  • Manage other admins
  • Configure multi-location groups*
  • Publish and track marketing campaigns*
  • Create Acquisition Widgets*
  • Manage orders*
  • Manage salespeople and sales teams*
  • Manage fulfillment services for multiple clients with Task Manager*
  • Customize your branding*

* Certain features may only be available on select subscription levels.

All admins can access Partner Center via Partner Center isn't white-labeled, and the URL isn't customizable.

If you're new to the platform, we highly recommend following our Getting Started Guides and taking courses in the Conquer Local Academy

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