Connecting social media accounts

To post to social media accounts, users must first connect their accounts in Social Marketing.

Note: It is recommended that any digital agencies connect accounts in an incognito/private browsing session. Social networks will generally try to connect the account you are already logged in as. Using an incognito/private browsing session will prevent those accounts from being used accidentally.

Connecting your accounts

  1. From Social Marketing, select Settings > Connect Accounts

From here you can begin adding your social accounts by selecting next to the relevant selection.


1. Select + to be taken to the Facebook Login screen. Enter your Facebook admin login credentials. If Facebook logs you in directly, please ensure you are logging in with the correct account with Admin privileges. To avoid errors, try completing this process in an incognito window - Facebook will prompt you to enter the credentials.

You need to make sure that the name next to “Continue” is the right Facebook account that you’re logging in with, i.e., the Facebook account that has Admin permission on the page.

Select 'Reconnect.'


2. It will take you to a page similar to the one below.

Note: Make sure to select 'All Pages' as indicated in the screenshot below, and not just the page you want to connect to. This will not bring in all of your pages, however, it is required for the API to successfully connect.

If the page is not here, make sure the account you logged in with is the one you have the page permissions on.



Click Next

3. Then click Save.

Google Business Profile

  1. Select ADD, and you will be asked to sign in to your Google account.
  2. Once signed in, you will be asked to give our application permission to access your account. Select ALLOW to continue.
  3. This will take you back to Social Marketing, where you can choose the relevant location, and select ADD to connect your Google Business Profile account.


All Instagram connections must first be connected to a corresponding Facebook page. See how to accomplish this here.

Instagram accounts connected to Social Marketing must be Business or Professional accounts. See how to set your Instagram account up as a Business or Professional account here.

  1. Select ADD. Enter your Facebook credentials.
  2. Choose the page associated with your Instagram account.
  3. Select the Instagram page. Click Add.


X does not distinguish between professional and personal accounts.

  1. Select the ADD button to be directed to an X login page asking if you would like to authorize our application.
  2. Enter your X login credentials, and select Authorize App. You will then be redirected back to the Connect Accounts page where you should now see your X account connected.


In order to authenticate LinkedIn, we currently allow LinkedIn Personal accounts to be connected to Social Marketing. However, we encourage users to connect their LinkedIn Business page.

  1. Select ADD and you will be directed to a LinkedIn login page asking if you would like to authorize our application.
  2. Enter your LinkedIn login information, and select Allow access.
  3. You will be redirected back to Social Marketing where you can select the appropriate LinkedIn pages you would like to connect to.
  4. Once you've made your selections, click ADD to be taken back to the Connect Accounts page where you should now see your LinkedIn pages connected.

Account limits

Social Marketing users can manage multiple accounts for most social networks, with the exception of Instagram and Google Business Profile. The table below shows the maximum number of accounts that can be connected using a single Social Marketing account. 

Network Facebook X LinkedIn Instagram Google Business Profile TikTok
Max. number of accounts 5 4 4 1 1 5

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