Add accounts to Task Manager

If you notice an account is not found in Task Manager, it is likely because no action has been taken on the account yet. Once an action, such as creating a task or project has been taken, an account will automatically be created in Task Manager. 

If you have not yet performed an action, you can also manually create an account in Task Manager so you can begin using the account. If you haven't yet, you can create accounts in Partner Center.

Why is adding accounts to Task Manager important?

Before you can begin working on fulfillment for your customers, there must be an account added to Task Manager before you can get started on a project or a task. Once you add your customer as an account, you can keep track of all fulfillment related information such as their business profile, add private account notes, and keep track of project fulfillment.

How to add accounts to Task Manager:

  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Fulfillment > Open Task Manager > Accounts
  2. If your search comes up with no results, click Add Account

Note: By default, this will put the account into an active state. This can be changed under Settings > Account settings.

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