Account statuses in Task Manager

In Task Manager, there are three types of account statuses. These help you keep track of the accounts you're doing work for.

  • Active - An account that you are currently working with. The selected task types will automatically generate when there is relevant work.
  • Paused - An account you have temporarily stopped working with or one that you temporarily don't want tasks to auto-generate for.
  • Deactivated - An account you have deactivated temporarily for business. You may wish to bring it back to active at some point in time.

Note: By default, accounts are added as active. This can be changed in Settings > Account settings.

How to change account status in Task Manager:

You can change the status of an account following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Fulfillment > Open Task Manager > Accounts
  2. Search for the Account you're looking for.
    • If you do not see the account, you may need to check the account filters in the event the default filter is set to Status: Active
  3. Change the account status by clicking on menu (3 dots) to the far right beside the status column. Change the status by selecting Activate account, Pause account, Deactivate account

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