Account statuses in Task Manager

In Task Manager, there are three types of account statuses. These help you keep track of the accounts you're doing work for.

  • Active - An account that you are currently working with. The selected task types will automatically generate when there is relevant work.
  • Paused - An account you have temporarily stopped working with or one that you temporarily don't want tasks to auto-generate for.
  • Deactivated - An account you have de-activated temporarily for business. You may wish to bring it back to active at some point of time.
  • Canceled - An account you are no longer working with. Tasks and projects will no longer generate for accounts in this state.



Note: By default, accounts are added as active. This can be changed in global under Settings > Account settings.


Changing account statuses

You can change the status of an account:

  1. Go to Task Manager > My Work > Select My Accounts
  2. Find the account
    • If you do not see the account, you may need to remove yourself from the account filters
  3. Change the account status
    • Clickmore_vert-24px__2_.svg> Unpause account to set a paused account to active
    • Clickmore_vert-24px__2_.svg> Uncancel account to set a canceled account to active
    • Clickmore_vert-24px__2_.svg> Pause account to pause the account
    • Clickmore_vert-24px__2_.svg> Cancel account to cancel the account

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