Fulfillment User Groups

What are groups and why should you use them?

As companies grow, there's an increased need for structure. People begin to specialize, teams form, and work is divided. Most larger agencies feature complex hierarchies of people. To manage it all and ensure the right person does the right job, it's important that your task management software matches the way your organization works in the real world.

In Task Manager, this is accomplished via Groups. Groups have two primary purposes:

  1. Managers can structure their staff just like they do in real life
  2. Managers can filter the Tasks > Overview page in Partner Center by group

What makes up a group?

Groups can contain Task Manager users and other groups. The relationship isn't one-to-one either, so you can add each user and group to as many groups as you'd like. Take the following example:


Everyone in Group 1 and Group 2 will be part of Group 3. This is because Group 3 contains both of the other groups.

If you were to remove Sam Brady from Group 3, they would still belong to that group since they are part of Group 1.


To create a new Group in Partner Center, navigate to the Tasks tab > Users > click on Create Group > enter the details for the group > click Create Group.

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