Creating a 'My Listing' page

Follow these steps to create a 'My Listing' Page.

1. Enter company information.

Open Local SEO > Go to the 'My Listing' tab > Manage My Listing > Business Profile and complete the business profile. Various pieces of information will appear on the listing. Changes to the General Information will also push to other products.

2. Select a theme.

My Listing tab > Themes is where you can select the style of the listing. The 'My Listing' Page theme is the default and the most popular. It’s responsive, so it will adapt to different screen sizes. The Responsive theme will also adapt to different screen sizes, while Short Mobile or Tall Mobile are designed primarily for smartphones.

3. Customize the branding.

Upload your logo, favicon, and iPhone/Android Shortcut Icon.
If the business is home-based or service-based, you can select the information that you would like to hide from the listing.

If you would like to upload a background image, ensure they are the specified size. Background images will only appear when the device is the corresponding size. On alternate-sized screens, the background color will appear instead.

4. Customize the domain.

Customize the end of the hostname URL (a.k.a. the "slug"). Enter your preferred wording and click Save.

The mobile redirect script will automatically redirect mobile users to your mobile site when they try to access the full website. Your webmaster must enter the script in the HTML of your full website for the re-direct to occur.
Add the URL for your full website, if available. A link will be posted on the listing to the Full Website.


5. Update the home page.
Go to the My Listing tab > Pages and click Edit beside the Home page.

Fill in the fields as you would like them to display on the site.

Although Meta Keywords are not commonly used by larger search engines, you can enter site keywords, separated by a comma.

The Meta Description is the 2 lines of text that appear below a site when you do a web search. Your Meta Description should be limited to 155 characters and contain a descriptive, keyword-rich summary of that page. Each page of your site should contain a unique Meta Description.

Click Save.

6. Create additional pages.
Click a page type to create a new page:

  • Images: Create image gallery-like pages for the website
  • Contact: Create a page where visitors can contact the business.
  • Coupons: Create a page dedicated to promotion coupons. Choose the start, end, and expiry dates, and select a suitable image for each coupon.
  • Videos: Create a dedicated videos page where you can embed videos from any online video source. Videos need to be hosted on a video hosting platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The video host that you choose needs to produce videos suitable for mobile (mp4).
  • Custom: Use this tab to create custom pages that are not covered under any of the remaining categories.

Enter the order in which you would like the page to appear on the main website menu. Fill in all mandatory fields and as many other options as possible. Click Create Page. Repeat these steps.


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