Multi-location Group Analytics - Product Details

The following is a short brochure that explains the benefits of offering Multi-location Group Analytics on top of Reputation Management.

Multi-location Group Analytics allows you to enable businesses with two or more locations to pinpoint their best and worst performers.

It doesn’t matter how much money companies pour into national advertising campaigns, customers are still going to judge their brand by how clean the bathroom is at the nearest location. If your clients have multiple locations, they need an easy way to monitor all of their reputation data. Vendasta’s Multi-location Group Analytics is the best-in-class tool for multi-location reputation reporting.

Compare reviews across the country

Online reviews are paramount to a company’s online presence, and Multi-location Group Analytics allows brand managers to:

• Understand trending themes in a group's reviews

• Benchmark and identify the best and worst-performing locations

• Monitor social media activity across different regions

Manage visibility across locations

Multi-location Group Analytics simplifies presence management for multi-location businesses by;

• Reporting coverage of all their major directory listings.

• Specify regions and customize the report for every customer

• See how and where locations are listed on directories, review sites, and social networks

Create social posts for multiple locations simultaneously

With multi-location social posting, brand managers can;

• Schedule posts to Facebook and Google for numerous locations at the same time.

• Save time by syncing multiple locations from one social media interface

• Create and approve customized posts by region

• Keep consistent brand messaging across all locations


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