What is the difference between Listing Sync Pro and Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext?

Aside from synchronizing to different listing sites, there are a few key differences between Listing Sync Pro and Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext. Please contact support@vendasta.com if you need assistance with switching the version of Listing Sync you are utilizing.

  Listing Sync Pro  Listing Sync Pro Powered by Yext 
Number of U.S. Listing Sites Up to 50  Up to 70* 
Countries Available  U.S., Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy  U.S. only
Syncs to built-in automotive navigation systems 
Creates and updates business listings 
Allows for an unlimited number of updates
Syncs to Google, Facebook for free
Protects listings from third-parties 
Removes duplicate listings  ✔ (Automatic duplicate suppression)  ✔ (Must manually turn on in the Yext dashboard*) 

*Please note the number of sources each account will see will vary based on the business category and most accounts using Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext will therefore see less than 70 syncing sources. 

With Yext LSP, will it create Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo listings if they don't already exist?

All publishers should create new profiles, but with data aggregation, it is a blind submission, so it's really up to the publisher if they create a listing but generally speaking they will.

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