Log Client Interactions

Why is logging client interactions important?

When your team has interacted with a client, it can be beneficial to record any important details worth noting via email, video, or phone. This makes it easy for anyone on the team to review recent actions or see a history of previous interactions. Account activity can be recorded directly within the account in Task Manager.


How to record account activity:

  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Fulfillment > Open Task Manager > Accounts
  2. Click on the Account name
    • If you don't see the account, you may need to consider any Filters on the Accounts page
  3. Enter details about the activity in the Account Activity field by clicking on manually record activity
  4. Choose the type of activity and log the activity by selecting any of the below activity options. Currently, the following activity types are available:
    • video_call-24px.svg - Had a video call
    • email-24px.svg - Sent an email
    • phone-24px.svg - Had a phone call

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