Creating a Scheduled Post report

For agencies, it can be difficult to properly communicate the content you're planning to post with your clients. They may need to approve posts, request edits, or generally browse the content written. For these cases, Social Marketing users can use the Report function.

Creating a Report

  1. From Social Marketing > My Posts > Scheduled Posts, click Create Report.
    • Please note that any reports you create will take the current filters into account. For this reason, you may wish to customize these before creating your report.
  2. To view the report, click Open Report. Alternatively, you can copy the link directly by clicking Copy Report URL.

From here, you can send the report out via whichever communication method you wish. This report will remain active for 30 days, at which point the URL will no longer work.

Common Questions

Why should I use the report?

The primary purpose of the report is to allow stakeholders to see scheduled posts without first having to log in. This allows for further transparency and helps agencies better communicate with their clients.

What does the report look like?

Reports appear almost identically to the feed users will see in Social Marketing. The primary differences between logging in and viewing the report are:

  • The report contains a banner that prompts users to log in
  • Report viewers cannot respond to comments, view other tabs, or directly interact with any scheduled posts


Will any posts scheduled after the report is created be viewable?

Yes, any changes made after a report is generated will be viewable to any users with the URL as long as they fall within the filter parameters that were set when generating.

Can I create a report from Recent Posts?

No, you cannot run a report for the Recent Posts in Social Marketing. Currently, the only report that you can run in Social Marketing is the Scheduled Posts.

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