Auto Generate Tasks

Tasks are the backbone of Task Manager. They allow agents to view and track the work they need to fulfill, and they provide easy access to the tools to do so. With Task Manager, this process is streamlined via auto-generated tasks.

Note: This guide is specific to the default task types. You can auto-generate custom tasks using project templates.


Auto Generate Tasks for All New Accounts

You can set the tasks that are generated automatically for new accounts. This is useful if you do the same type of work for all clients:

  1. Go to Task Manager > Settings
  2. Click Reputation Management or Social Marketing
  3. Move the toggle to the on or off state. When on, tasks of this type will generate automatically (see Task types below for breakdowns on each task type)

Auto Generate Tasks per Account

Similar to how you set task generation settings for new accounts, you can toggle the types of tasks generated on each individual account:

  1. Go to Open Task Manager > Accounts
  2. Select the respective Account you are looking for
  3. Click Account Settings
  4. Navigate to Task generation
  5. Toggle task types on/off

Note: Certain products may need to be active before you can auto generate tasks on the account


Task Types

There are a number of different task types that you can toggle for your accounts.

  • Listings – Tasks that generate if listings are inaccurate.
    • You can set the listing sources you manage for your clients on the Listings tab.
  • Mentions – Tasks that generate if the business is mentioned across the web. These are powered by Reputation Management, and Mentions tasks are only generated for accounts that have Reputation Management active.
    • You can set the types of mentions to manage for your clients.
  • Reviews – Tasks that generate when new reviews are left for businesses. These are only generated if the account has Reputation Management active.
  • Social Posts – Tasks prompting the agent to post to social media on behalf of the account. These are only generated if the account has Social Marketing active.
    • If you are editing this on an individual account, you can log various information such as the type of content to post, as well as the work you've committed to.
  • Socialize – Tasks that are generated when customers post on your client's pages and social media accounts.

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