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Prospecting can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why you’ll love the Snapshot Report. This award-winning needs assessment empowers you and your sales team to start informed conversations with prospects. In fact, with the Snapshot Report and hot lead notifications, our partners have experienced as much as a 500% increase in their close rate! With 97% of consumers looking for businesses on the web, it’s crucial to have accurate listings, positive reviews, regular social activity, a robust website, and successful ad campaigns. The Snapshot Report gives you the ability to assess and present these attributes of your prospects’ online presence.

You can create Snapshot Reports in a few different ways:

Create for a new account

Click the Create Snapshot Report icon

Fill in the Acquisition Widget

Run email campaigns with a Snapshot Creation Event

Check out a full video walkthrough of the different ways to create Snapshot Reports.

Create Snapshot Report via 'Snapshot Create icon'

To create a Snapshot Report with the Create Snapshot Report icon:

  1. Go to:
    • Partner Center > Sales > Prospects > click on Create_Snapshot.svg next to the account name to create Snapshot Report; or

    • Partner Center > Accounts > Accounts > Beside the desired account, click on Create_Snapshot.svg to create Snapshot Report; or

    • Sales & Success Center > Accounts > click on  Create_Snapshot.svg beneath the account name to create Snapshot Report.

  2. Click Create.

Fill in the Acquisition Widget

If you want to generate Snapshot Reports organically, you can embed an Acquisition Widget on your website. You can install this widget on any website you control, allowing users to request Snapshot Reports at their leisure.

To create a Snapshot Report:

Whenever someone fills out the completed widget, the platform can generate a Snapshot Report for them. The platform will assign a salesperson to the prospect, notify the salesperson, and can even add the prospect to a customer acquisition email campaign.

Run campaigns with a Snapshot Creation Event

You can use Snapshot Report Creation events with your email marketing campaigns to generate  Snapshot Reports automatically.

To use a Snapshot Report Creation Event:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Marketing > Campaigns > Recommended or My Campaigns > Select the Campaign you want to add Snapshot Creation to.
  2. You can only modify a draft campaign that has not been delivered to a customer. If the campaign has already been published, you will need to create a new campaign to use the Snapshot Creation Event.

    download - 2023-10-23T112517.380.png

  3. Click Add Snapshot Report.

    Note: Snapshot Reports will be created for the accounts added to this campaign. If there is an existing report less than 30 days old, the email campaign will use that report. If the report is older than 30 days, the Snapshot Creation event will automatically refresh the report. Standard Snapshot Report fees apply for any reports that are created or refreshed.

Wait 24 hours and get ready to sell

We recommend waiting 24 hours before showing the Snapshot Report to a prospect. This ensures that all of the available data has been gathered.

While you’re waiting for your first Snapshot Report to generate:

Video Walkthrough

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