Set your product's price

When you create a product, you’ll have the option to set the pricing model that your product follows, including defining the billing period, subscription terms, retail price, and trial availability. 

Note that the price fields in Vendor Center are currently always set in USD. For partners operating in currencies other than USD, your product’s Retail Price can be set in the currency you select for your store in Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store.

Pricing model

Different settings will be available to you depending on the pricing model that you select. 

Fixed price

Customers will be billed a fixed price for your product one time or each billing period.

Cost to you

Use this field to record the cost of provisioning or otherwise delivering an instance of this product, in relation to the Retail Price that you sell the product for in your Store. The difference between your product’s Cost and Retail Price is used to calculate the profit you make on selling this product, which you can see in the report in Partner Center > Metrics.

Wholesale Price

This is the price that will be charged to other resellers when they activate the product for their clients if your product is enabled to be sold in our Marketplace.

Retail Price

This is the default price that you will charge customers who purchase your product. Retail Price can be changed when adding a product to a package in your Store, but will always default to the price you enter here.

Variable price

Using this pricing model, you can set a minimum price and allow your customers to choose how much they want to spend when ordering or buying your product. Partner Center users can also request to change the subscription price an account pays for a custom price product, making this pricing model useful for tailoring ongoing services to suit a customer’s changing needs.

Minimum price

When customers choose the amount to spend on your product, and when Partner Center users request to change an account’s subscription price for this product they’ll be prevented from choosing an amount lower than the minimum price you’ve set. 

Contact Sales

Selecting this option will hide the price of your product from customers, requiring them to contact a salesperson for pricing information. Use this option if your product requires more detailed or case-based pricing options.

Note that your customers won’t be able to purchase Contact Sales products from your Store using the Shopping Cart because these products have no price attached to them. Checking a Contact Sales product out through the Shopping Cart will instead submit a sales order for you to approve before the product can be activated.

Setup fee

Only available for products using a Fixed price or Custom price model

Entering a setup fee for your product adds an additional one-time charge when a customer purchases your product. You can set an MSRP setup fee as well as the wholesale setup fee.

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Billing period

Only available for products using a Fixed price or Custom price model

If you only intend to bill once for your product, select One time. If your product is billed as a subscription, you can choose a billing period of Monthly or Yearly for your product.

Subscription terms

Only available for products using a Fixed price or Custom price model

Adding subscription terms to your product allows you to predetermine an initial and renewal commitment period for your product’s subscription. For the duration of a subscription term, your customer must remain subscribed to, and billed for, your product. 

The initial subscription term becomes effective from the date of purchase. A recurring subscription term becomes effective (and recurs) at the end of the initial commitment period.


Only available for products using a Fixed price model

Enable trials to specify the number of days during which your customers can use your product at no cost. 


Only available for products using a Fixed price model

Editions are versions of your product that represent different levels of service, functionality, or pricing plans that you might offer. Customers can buy an edition of your product and upgrade or downgrade to a different edition as required. Editions of a product share marketing material and add-ons, but each edition has its own price settings.

Toggle the section and click Add edition to set pricing information and a title (which will appear after the product’s title when viewing the edition) for each edition of the product that you offer.

If your product doesn’t require multiple pricing options, you can leave the Editions section toggled off.

Advanced Settings

Allow multiple purchases per account (disables add-on support)

By default, only a single instance of a product can be active on an account at any time. Enable this setting to allow your customers to purchase this product multiple times on a single account. Note that add-ons cannot be used with products that can be purchased multiple times.

Once set, hit Save to save the pricing for your product.


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