If your client already has an active Google Workspace subscription, you can easily transfer that subscription. 

Differences between transferring and a new subscription

In order to prevent interruption to your clients' workflows, transferring their accounts to Vendasta will not require or allow them to log in through Business App. Users can continue to log into Google Workspace as they did prior to transferring. 

Transferring Google Workspace

Client steps

  1. Provide your client with Vendasta's Reseller ID C02e5br85.
  2. Have your client browse to admin.google.com/TransferToken. (If you land on a 404 page after clicking the above link, try opening the link in your browser's private/incognito browsing tab.)
  3. Have them click Generate Transfer Token. This transfer token is a special code that allows your client to grant permission to transfer the account. Google has implemented this to prevent any unauthorized persons from claiming an account.
  4. Once done, have them send the token to you.


Partner Center Admin steps

  1. From Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Account Name, click Activate Products > Google Workspace Transfer.
  • If you do not see Google Workspace Transfer, please contact support@vendasta.com to have this made available for your account.
  • Enter in the Transfer Token your client generated in step 3.
  • Enter the existing domain name you are transferring.
  • Click I understand…, then click Purchase. mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png
  • The transfer itself is free, so you will not be billed for this activation. Instead, we will calculate the number of seats required for the transfer, then provide a separate confirmation screen.
  • Once the product is activated, click on Google Workspace Transfer under the Products section.
  • Confirm the transfer by reviewing the number of seats moving over, clicking I understand…, then clicking Confirm Transfer.
  • Allow several minutes for Google Workspace and the appropriate number of seats to be activated.
  • Have them check the box confirming that they have read and agree to the Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Google Workspace Free Trial and Google Workspace via Reseller.

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