What are Standard and Pro product editions?

This article outlines the differences between the Standard and Pro product editions for the Standard product suite.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management allows you to monitor and manage every aspect of a local business's online reputation—including reviews, listings and mentions.


Standard edition

Pro edition

Manage reviews

Includes reviews from Facebook, Google, and My Listing

Includes reviews from all sources, based on Partner configuration

Respond to Google and Facebook reviews in-line

Review response templates

Use, edit, or delete all system default templates

Use, edit, or delete all system default templates + add unlimited custom templates

Review Display Widget

Review statistics

Monitor listings

Includes listings from Facebook and Google

Includes listings from all sources, based on Partner configuration

Google Q&A



Listings statistics






Social monitoring


Customer Voice

Customer Voice allows you to gather customer experiences to boost online star power and drive more business.   


Standard edition

Pro edition

Create customers



Send email review requests

15 emails/month


Bulk send review requests


Customize and display Review Generation Widget

Sources to request reviews on

Includes Google, Facebook, and My Listing

Includes all sources, based on Partner configuration

Customize and save review request templates

Limit of 1

Limit of 40

Option to purchase SMS add-ons


Send an automated follow-up email


Email signature widget


Mobile Kiosk


Social Marketing

Social Marketing allows teams and individuals to manage local businesses’ social media accounts in a scalable and transparent way.  


Standard edition

Pro edition

Social profiles

Includes Facebook and Google Business Profile

Includes Facebook, Google Business Profile, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Scheduled posts 

20 posts 

*at one time


Calendar view

Drafted posts 

Post Performance analytics

Social audience analytics

Link tracking


Customer posts




Interesting content (RSS feeds)


Create social content and images using AI


Use AI to create up to 5 posts at once using just one topic


Provide AI with additional business or branding instructions to generate content


While the Social Marketing App supports connecting multiple locations on most networks, the number of connections is limited by social networks. 

Below is a table of how many accounts can be connected based on edition.

  Facebook X LinkedIn Instagram

Google Business Profile

Standard 1 - - - 1
Pro 5 4 4 1 1

It is recommended to have a Social Marketing App activated for each individual location, due to the unique content policies followed by the different social media platforms. 

Local SEO

Local SEO allows you to introduce business owners to online presence management.  

Features Local SEO Local SEO Pro Listing Distribution Listing Sync Pro 
My Listing (free landing page)
Citations reporting
Google Business Profile Insights
Keyword Reporting metrics
AI-powered business description
Sync to Google & Facebook - -
Sync to Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing, X, Instagram - - -
Sync to 30+ additional sources - - -
Sync to Data Axle, Foursquare, and Neustar - - -
Protection from third-party changes - -
Ability to suppress duplicate listings - - -
Local SEO grid - - -
Keyword refresh rate monthly weekly  - -
AI-powered keyword suggestions (coming soon) - - -

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence brings your clients’ ad campaigns under one roof so you can see what’s working across various platforms. 


Advertising Intelligence

Advanced Reporting

Bring Facebook Ads and Google Ads under one roof

Easy to use and understand

Delivers the most important metrics

Individual campaign details

(Deeper analysis into campaigns)


Customize date range to discover trends


Campaign funnel & objective


Keyword and ad analysis



Create a beautiful website that is hosted on an incredibly fast, secure, and easy-to-use platform — it's all possible when you combine the Google Cloud Platform with WordPress.


Standard edition

Pro edition




Access to the WordPress Dashboard

Access to phpMyAdmin

Access to STP

Free SSL certificate

PHP Logs

Connect Google Analytics 

Staging Environment


Custom Domains


Create Staging from backup



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